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Alpha Institute of Theology and Science offers comprehensive Christian theology courses and research opportunities in Studies in Asian Christianity and Judeo-Christian Scriptures. It shall organise the studies with an interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary approach. Courses are guided by renowned scholars of international reputation whose academic excellence and theological insights have shaped deep insights through various courses. The scholars who have done their studies in Judeo-Christian Scriptures, Biblical Archeology, Theology, and Philosophy and obtained doctorate from Indian and foreign state universities like Sorborn, Louvain and Gregorian University (Rome) have been offering courses in the respective subjects from 2007 through contact classes and television channels attracting large clientele across the country and abroad. There were over 3000 students the courses for which Diplomas were awarded by the Calicut University through the Chair for Christianity. The Bachelors and Masters courses of the Institute are approved by North East Frontier Technical University. This proposal is for the approval of a PhD research centre in Theology.  The following articles provide a comprehensive vision of the Doctorate in Theology offered by Sai Nath University through Alpha Institute

Duration: 3-7 Years

Course fee: Initial Payment - Rs.10000/- per year

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