Bible Apostolate

In response to Jesus’ instruction, "… and the gospel must first be preached to all the nations” Mk 13:10, Archdiocese of Thalassery tries to make the Word of God known, loved, pondered upon and preserved in the hearts of all faithful and every human person. The Department of Bible Apostolate is focused to proclaim the WORD OF GOD in its pristine purity. In this endeavor we make use of all possible ways like teaching, preaching, reading, sharing and various forms of art. E- Platforms like YouTube, twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram etc., are our means to reach out to the faithful. The Department of Bible Apostolate is an effective instrument of the Archdiocese to fulfill the mission entrusted by the Lord. Numerous volumes and editions of Bible Chithra-kadha, Alpha Institute of Theology, Ajapalakan- Homiletic Reflections of the Sunday Syro-Malabar Readings, Theological Publications, Logos Quiz Program, Bible Sandhya in parish level, Biblical and Foreign Language are some of the landmarks of this department.