Bachelors Degree in Theology (BTh)

Bachelors Degree in Theology comprises of three years, during which the students will be given courses in Sacred Scripture, the various branches of Theology, Canon Law, Liturgy and Spirituality.

  1. An applicant must have completed a two years course of Diploma Course in Philosophy.
  2. The applicant must have a working knowledge of Greek, Latin and Syriac so as to be able to translate the N.T. portions, the documents of the Ecclesiastical Magisterium, and the Liturgical and Patristic texts.
  3. The applicants who have completed their studies in other Institutes and Faculties will be admitted after the scrutiny regarding the canonical validity of the corresponding certificates. The judgment of the academic council of the Institute finalises the issue.
Modus Operandi
  1. The academic year is divided into two semesters. At the end of each semester there shall be exams for the subjects taught in the semester. The students will be examined not only on the basis of lectures but also based on the literature related to the subject assigned for private and personal study.
  2. No student shall be allowed to enroll for the examination without the required number of attendance for the contact classes.
  3. The courses are divided into different sections such as: main and subsidiary, obligatory and elective, institutional and special.
  4. The pedagogy of the Institute includes lectures, seminars, reading and evaluation of the books and articles, tutorials, audio visual aids, language lab.
  5. Besides the fundamental themes in main subjects, which may be offered as courses common for all students, further elaborations may be offered according to special orientations like Biblical, Pastoral, Oriental, Patristic, Missiological and Comparative Religious studies.

Written Thesis for BTh

At the beginning of the 5th semester before the 30th of June of the second stage of the Institutional Cycle, students aspiring for the Bachelor Degree in Theology have to select the topic for the thesis, and the professor who will guide the work. The written thesis must be submitted by the 6th semester before the final examination. It must have a minimum of 6000 words and maximum of 10000

Repetition of Examination

If anyone fails in a subject, the examination in the respective subject shall be repeated. Such examinations shall be conducted at the beginning of the following semester. The examinations that are deferred for other reasons shall be conducted at the time fixed by the institute. Those who fail in Degree examinations may repeat the examination only once, at the end of the following semester.

Grading System

40% Pass Mark
41%-50% Third Class
51%-59% Second Class
60%-74% First Class
75% and above  Distinction

This marking system corresponds to the traditional Roman system: Pass - 6; second class 7; first class 8; distinction 9-10.
In global evaluation the mark is the quotient obtained by dividing the sum total of individual marks by the number of the examinations.
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Course Details

Duration : 3 Year (6 Semester)
Cost of course materials : Please contact Alpha Office. (08086312826)